Marijuana Legalization in Indiana

Marijuana Legalization in Indiana

Looks like it is a race to the growroom among states these days as medical marijuana and decriminalization measures continue to make waves in legislatures across the nation even if the wake of tough regulatory laws and federal shenanigans. Hot on the heels of medical marijuana rumblings in Massachusetts, we are now getting word that the great debate is coming to Indiana.

In a couple of weeks, a committee of Indiana lawmakers will carefully examine the status of marijuana law in the state and consider several policy shifts. What is surprising is the range of changes being considered; everything from medical marijuana to full legalization is being looked at. The particular issues getting the most attention will be:

  • Marijuana and its effect on the Indiana criminal justice system.
  • Whether the possession and use of marijuana should continue to be illegal in Indiana and, if so, which penalties and amounts pertaining to marijuana possession and use are appropriate.
  • Whether a program for medical marijuana should be implemented in Indiana and, if so, under what parameters.
  • Whether marijuana should be treated and controlled like alcohol, with controlled and regulated sales, and special taxation.

Democratic Senator Karen Tallian has pushed for the commission’s creation to deal with what she calls Indiana’s “draconian” marijuana laws. Indeed, in the Hoosier state, possession of under 30 grams of cannabis, and even mere paraphernalia possession can a land a person in prison for up to a year. “One day, I watched three young kids plead cases on possession of small amounts,” Tallian said. “I thought, `Why are we spending all of the time and money to do this?’ Frankly, I put marijuana in the same category as alcohol.”

Senator Tallian is also preparing a compelling schedule of testimony to convince her fellow lawmakers. “I’ve got testimony from all different groups,” she said. “They keep calling me wondering when it’s going to be. I had them lined up when the bill was in the senate — medical people, criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, law enforcement. There are a wide range of people interested in the topic.”

Marijuana reform also has an unlikely ally in conservative Republican Rep. Tom Knollman. The Congressman suffers from multiple sclerosis and has stated that he wishes he could legally try to use marijuana to deal with his pain.

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29 Responsesto “Marijuana Legalization in Indiana”

  1. Helena Zahara says:

    Legloaize marijuana and put the money into cracking down on fake drugs that hurt people and perscriptions drugs that are killing people. Really be more concerned about grandma getting real insuolin.

    • Joe C says:

      I was locked in a padded cell for four hours naked and shivering before I was upgraded to a cell with a cot all because I had less than a quarter of a gram. It is time for a regulated market people. YOU COULD BE A VICTIM TOO!

  2. Timothy Crook says:

    Come on, isn’t it time already? Just think of the extra tax revenue on legal marijuana, and the low level drug dealer thugs that would be out of business. isn’t it time that we focus on fighting the harmful drugs instead of Marijuana. Yes it’s the 21st century.

  3. Jason says:

    This state should be worried about the meth and pill problems and leave the pot smokers alone.

  4. John says:

    It is Legal for Medicinal Use in MI. Why not do it in Indiana??? I currently get it in Ann Arbor MI. Alcohol is worse !!

  5. Benjamin Bryant Schaefer says:

    ive been reading alot about Indiana legalizing marijuana. i believe it should be legalized in every state. look at all the money that could be saved from it being legal, less money to waste on putting people in jail, less kids wanting to do it because your not supposed to. think of how much our economy would benefit from it . do you realize how many people would buy it. so many people stray away just because it is illegal. legalizing would bring so many more people. the more people buy it the more money the gov. gets. our economy rises when we spend right. and so many people buy drugs now. but the world cant benefit because its not taxed. marijuana is a natural plant people. it was put here for us. it was meant for us. so why are we being punished for what we were meant to have?

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  7. larry says:

    so weed isnt legal but spice is?
    makes no sence why somthing that can put you in a coma is legal (you can buy it in stores)but weed isnt?

  8. KAT says:

    This is such BS I’m a 26yr old mother of 4 I’m also an Insomniac w/Bipolar & a Social Anxiety disorder. I gave up smoking marijuana & started smoking a legal alternative called Super Flame now theres a state wide ban on it & why because irresponsible parents don’t pay attention to their children. I just think its bogus that I can’t sit in my own home at night (after my kids are in bed) & get high to help me relax & sleep either legalize marijuana or let us have our alternatives.

    • Concerned says:

      Oh please do not smoke the synthetic marijuana!!! It is so dangerous!! There have been cases of death or coma and several other noted health issues caused by ppl using it:( I am in, no way judging you for using it as I know you are trying to find an alternative to help you with your anxiety…but “please” synthetic marijuana is not the thing to use…you stated that you’re bipolar the synthetic marijuana can contribute to your symptoms…I know I have seen it first hand with a close family member. I hope you find what you need to help you…if I were you I would still be smoking marijuana if it worked for you:)

  9. realityis says:

    With 4 differantt mental disorders yes it helps to smoke in moderation.
    get the pedafiles and gun toaters off the streets

  10. jett says:

    LEGALIZE plss.. if you dont your stupid as shit

  11. kendall says:

    I was in a bad car wreck I broke 5 ribs my neck in three spots my back in five spots punctured my lung and completely shattered my left leg because of this now I am on disability which sucks I take so many pills from the doctors there doing nothing for me but hurting me in the end they are going to kill me my liver my kidneys are going to fill in the end it is the harsh reality of it because it taking these medicines if we have an all natural plant that comes from the earth that can cure types of cancer tumors help people be happy why can we not for take off it it makes no sense to me. I suffer from severe nerve damage the whole left side of my body is numb and my back neck an entire body throbs from pain all day. if other states are recognizing the benefits outweigh the bad things then why does Indiana not legalize it. I would love this help because I really truly honestly believe that it would help me but because of our balls in Indiana I have to suffer and be in pain and feel like a prisoner in my own house its sad just sad.

  12. Anthony Landers says:

    i believe whole heartedly that marijuana should be legalized, the amount of money that people spend for it illegally could be used to better inprove lives for everyone i mean you hear so much about our country being in debt and such that we cant bail ourselves out but if you look at the amount spent on the produst illegally it ranges in the billions that provides for big dealers living the high life so to speak when instead the money could be pumped back into our economy by simply legalizing thr product ive been a marijuana smoker for 9 years and the only negative side effect ive seen is that the people that smoke it have problems keeping a job because if they smoke at home and manage to fail a drug test it costs them their job making them draw unemployment and wellfare, the fact is that marijuana could actually help to bail our country out if your against it then youve not seen the effects of friendly fun relaxed people, when compared to any other drug its foolish to ignore the points and to all you who do you need to do the drug to understand it, meth and such is addictive and should be illegal but i believe that marijuana should be legalized to a certain age because when your young you make stupid decisions without thinking and i believe it should be regulated around the age of between 18 and 21, it is not addictive but at the same time a weak willed person can become co dependent on it where they believe they need it to make it through the day you need to simply outweigh the pros with the cons and look at it from a completely objective point of view

  13. David says:

    This is something that needs to happen. Legalize marijuana. It would do so much good in the world.

  14. gary wright says:

    It is about time that IN get in sync with the rest of the country, including our neighbors, in establishing a medicinal marijuana law, THIS year. It is about time, that people in chronic or terminal pain, have the same rights as over half of the other citizens in this country. This is a subtance that could be taxed, and regulated, and it is a win/win situation for all concerned. Why are we creating criminals out of people who are just wanting some pain control? It’s federal classification as a Schedule One Drug is perhaps the most stupid law in this county; most federal legislators know this, but they seem to be too busy trying to shut down the country and defaulting on loans,, you know, really important stuff like that. Let’s pass this bill and pass it NOW!

  15. Natalie says:

    It should be legalized both medically and recreationally. There are so many drugs and products out that people are using that far out weigh the hazards of pot, in fact alchohol is even worse than getting high. Do I feel that kids under the age of 18 or 21 should be allowed to buy it. No, do I think it is safer than anything else out there that people use to get high or buzzed including alcholol HELL YES. I didn’t smoke for years not until recently after I was diagnosed with a crippling disease. I take so many pills a day it is unreal. The chemicals in those prescribed medications are known carcinogenics not to mention what they do to the liver and kidneys. If people knew some of the positive effects if pot they might change. Look at all the medications used in hospitals and medical facilities with new ones coming out. It is good f

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  17. GREG says:


  18. Harry Bobb says:

    Hi we should crack down on the meth and pill poppers and have marijauna legalized to grow it in yoyr back yard and able to roll up a fatty with out being parinoid of getting caught by police and going to jail you see i gotten a false arrest wth possesion of pot wth a false dui t when ill ad mit i do do it at home but never take it with me any where because its not worth going to jail yeah it be nice to take a rolled up fat one with you to smoke any time you would like plus the untied states should sell marijauna like a pack of cigrets do you know how much revenue the united states would bring in if they sold marijauna like as a pack of cigrets maybe like $15 to $60 for a pack and also sell cartains too like $340 a cartain of cigs and this united state would be out of debt so fast it make the goverment and police heads spin so fast that the heads would pop off while being toung tied

  19. Brenda says:

    If there is a petition out there for Indiana, I would like to sign it. Even one for the Country as well. The benefits would be amazing.

    • MerDogg says:

      Action Alert: Ask committee to hear Medical Marijuana bill SB-284
      By Indiana NORML on January 16, 2015 in Activism, Indiana, Legislation, Medical Marijuana


      As you’ve probably already heard, Sen. Karen Tallian recently authored Senate Bill SB-284 providing for a Medical Marijuana program here in Indiana. The bill has been forwarded to the Senate’s Health & Provider Services Committee chaired by Sen. Patricia Miller.

      We need everyone to contact Senator Patricia Miller’s office and ask that bill SB-284 be put on the committee’s hearing schedule.

      So, please call or write Senator Patricia Miller and explain why Medical Marijuana is Important and could benefit you.

      ** Especially useful would be contact from veterans and current military, medical professionals or anyone who has a story about medical marijuana. This is a very sensitive topic.

      ** We are NOT looking for “stoners” to call the senator’s office. We need to show this is not a move to just get “stoners” their weed but rather it is intended to get medication to the people who need it.

      Senator Patricia Millers office number:

      317- 232-9489.

      Her phone should NOT stop ringing until the decision is made!

      Do not spam her phone. Be respectful. We want to show need for Medical Marijuana in a respectful manner.

      Again, Senator Millers Phone number is 317- 232-9489.

      Show our State Senators what Indiana WANTS AND NEEDS!

      Senator Miller’s email address is

  20. William Hosler says:

    I am 120% in favor of any marijuana laws being passed. I have like 10 different ailments too many to list here. I need it for pain, mood enhancing, not caring if I hurt, etc.. I smoked for 47 years almost every day. I hold a BASAMT degree with straight A’s and a ASEE degree with straight A’s. I didn’t get all smoked up and go to school, or drive. I am in favor of 18 years old as a minimum, and in favor of responsible use by all. I haven’t smoked in 3 years, due to the VA threatening pulling my pain meds. :O(

  21. Joel Johnson says:

    Stop forcing big pharma meds on us. Cannabis doesn’t kill and benefits many sick people. People have the right to choose without fear of being arrested.

  22. MerDogg says:

    This is all Nixon’s fault guys putting marijuana on the scheduled one narcotics list! And I think Ronnie Reagan had something to do with us not being able to work because we like to relax with a smoke! We are drug tested! OH YEA, by the way it seems as if marijuana is targeted because the fact is marijuana can stay in your system for up to a month. The hard crap like cocaine, meth, and heroin can leave the system in a few days! If we were junkies we would be better off in the job department it seems! What the fuck happened to the right to privacy? Is there not a law that says one does not have to incriminate themselves? Does the right to remain silent fit in here someplace? Does anyone here the word freedom anymore and how our country was built upon this? Did unemployment rise when all these employers had the right to stick their noses up our butts to see what we were doing on our free time away from work? I’m ever so pissed!
    These big pot dealing cartels are really ruthless! Get in their way and they will off you for looking at them wrong even if there is a small child between you and them! They do not care about nothing but their money! It happens all the time over marijuana which does not kill people!
    They fill the jails with people who smoke weed and claim its addictive. They will give some people a choice on whether to go to jail or treatment centers. Of course peoples are going to chose the treatment centers over jail or prison. Then they say, “Look at all these people addicted to marijuana, look at this horrible marijuana problem!” Actually it’s the law that’s the problem!” Its big business for the treatment centers! They love the law this way!
    Nixon you watergate crazy man! I can still hear him saying, “I’m not a crook!” HA, what a moron! Did you really think about all this before you made the rules? Dig him up and slap him and don’t forget Ronnie Reagan…

  23. D. R. says:

    Indiana just needs to legalize marijuana for one…will boost the state’s income, two….that money can go towards education, health care and numerous others.The governor said it’s a gateway drug….some people get lazy and get into trouble but a large majority sake and you wouldn’t think that they do and have healthy careers. I’d rather smoke than drink and destroy my liver.In closing…sooner or later the Federal government will legalize it.

  24. […] Marijuana Legalization in Indiana | 420Petition Blog – ive been reading alot about Indiana legalizing marijuana. i believe it should be legalized in every state. look at all the money that could be saved from it being … […]

  25. twigs says:

    I am all for the legalization! When I was a smoker I was always fit, I never wanted to ruin my buzz so I ate only 2 to 3 times a day. I have not smoked the herb in about 7 years (because it isn’t legal) and now I eat all the time, i’m overweight and have chest pains from time to time. True, I could stop eating as much as I do and get more exercise but this is just another benefit to add to the long list of great things marijuana positives. Eating will kill my happy buzz so I am not going to hit the fridge every half hour, healthier people equals less medical costs.

  26. Adam says:

    i relly think they need to legalization MMJ??????Becuse i have pain and anixy and i hear voice i cant sleep and i have ADHD/ADD becuse i have been on my meds for a long time and they r f**king up my insides my body im 31 and have 4 kids ok i would like to have a life and take all my illnds free whin i smoke MMJ so come on ppl supert CANNIBS and legaliza MMJ there r ppl out there that need it to and if u do that texs go down and u would make a alot of money if u legaliza MMJ

  27. Misty Trenshaw says:

    Are you ready for this?

    It’s an hour long video about our health, our bodies and cannabis.


    Misty Trenshaw

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