More Long Beach Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Raided

More Long Beach Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Raided

Long Beach Medical Marijuana Dispensaries have been the target of increased pressure from the
California state, county and local authorities. Over the last 3 weeks, authorities have carried
out numerous operations resulting in 10 arrests at the local Long Beach Medical Marijuana
storefronts. The three raids carried out Tuesday bring the total amount of medicinal cannabis
dispensaries shut down within the past week to seven. The raids and assault on medical marijuana
is a joint effort by the Long Beach Police Department, the California Franchise Tax Board and
the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. This continued intrusion is a result of the
city’s push to “see such organizations cease all operations in Long Beach, California.” It is
difficult to estimate the actual number of medical marijuana dispensaries currently in
existence, but our calculations determine that there maybe at least 25 storefronts operating in
the Long Beach area.

The LBPD states that it is strongly urging all medical marijuana doctors and dispensaries to
voluntarily cease their operations and that any dispensaries that continue to stay in business
will be the target of arrests and closures.  Police spokeswoman Nancy Pratt reiterates that more raids are highly likely until all the city’s remaining facilities are shut down. The recent raids come as a result of increasing pressure from local authorities and community advisers to shut down any attempt to use Long Beach California as home to many of the states medical marijuana access points. Long Beach has been considering a ban on medical marijuana despite having legalized collectives a few years earlier.

Officials are also moving beyond the medpot distributors to take on the property owners who
rent them. On October 23rd, the City Council voted to revoke the business license of a property
owner who authorities say has been allowing medicinal cannabis collectives to operate at his
strip mall. It will be an ongoing battle because many residents of Long Beach believe that the
county’s ordinance bannng medical marijuana dispensaries is unconstitutional. California law
states that qualified patients with a valid California Marijuana card can cultivate pot for
medical purposes and not be subject to criminal penalties.

Long Beach California Marijuana

These unfortunate state of circumstances may come as a result of much misinformation
surrounding medical marijuana  news and its use to alleviate the pain and discomfort for many
patients and their illnesses. Many residents still rely on the disinformation propagated by the
media. Reefer Madness, they believe will be the result of individuals experimenting with the
green herb and entering into mania, depression and psychotic states of delusion. The Gateway
Drug is another highly mentioned negative regarding the legalized medicinal use of marijuana as
some believe it will lead to harder drugs. The Gateway Drug myth has long been used by
opponents to shield their feeble minds from the hard truths and benefits that marijuana
provides. There has been absolutely no research to provide any shred of credibility to the
claims of the Gateway drug myth.

But the truth is, Medical Marijuana in Long Beach California should continue to be a right
that qualified patients have to alleviate their pain. There are many credible medical marijuana
and medical marijuana evaluation centers in Long Beach that pride themselves on delivering
professional and intimate care to their patients. Sometimes, pharmaceutical drugs are not
adequate at dealing with the complex nature of illness and can cause more damage and pain than
ever intended. Those that support the right to safe access to medical marijuana should not
allow the disingenuous leaders of the Long Beach California city council to take away the right
of safe medical marijuana access.

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