Worst Case Cannabis Scenario Still better than Prohibition

Worst Case Cannabis Scenario Still better than Prohibition

For the sake of argument we’ll entertain some of the prohibitionist’s theoretical scenarios post cannabis legalization and we’ll compare it to current prohibition. At the end you will be left with the decision on which one you would prefer. My personal conclusion showed me that even the worst case cannabis scenario is infinitely better than marijuana prohibition.

Worst Case Cannabis Scenario

Let’s take the fears of prohibitionists and make them all come true.

  • Children Start smoking pot at an increasing rate – Let’s say that kids start smoking pot at a higher rate. Firstly, the child doesn’t have the risk of overdose since it’s nearly impossible to overdose on cannabis. Let’s say “their cognitive functions” are impaired slightly, they will still be able to work, pay taxes and so forth despite their cognitive disadvantages. The entire nation wouldn’t fall subject to cannabis consumption similar to alcohol. Let’s say that cannabis consumption reaches the levels of alcohol consumption you’d still see less corrosive effects on society.
  • People start driving stoned – You have to be naïve to think that people aren’t doing it already but let’s say more people start smoking and driving. Cannabis consumption usually makes the driver go slower as opposed to alcohol. Cannabis consumers perceive things faster than they occur and thus they slow down to compensate for this. They might be driving 20 mph and feel like they are driving 40 mph. Driving stoned as opposed to driving drunk is much safer and will cause less accidents by far.
  • Pot shops open up everywhere – People can now consume in café’s, they can buy in stores and so forth. Either way you’d be able to tax their consumption and send the funds to education and addiction control.

Prohibition current scenario

Let’s take a look at prohibition shall we?

  • Kids are smoking pot at increasing rates – Yes believe or not under prohibition we are seeing an increase of pot consumption mainly because a child when he or she smokes for the first time realize that everything that prohibition has claimed about marijuana is wrong. Although cannabis hasn’t been fully explored the general notion is that it is safe. However kids are still developing and thus cannabis might not be the best decision up to a certain age. If kids are caught now they either get sent to rehab, community service or even get youth records.
  • People are driving stoned – Prohibition hasn’t done what it set out to do. People drive stoned and we are not seeing an increase in crashes. In fact in medical marijuana states we have seen a decrease in vehicular collisions.
  • Dealers on the corners – Without pot shops cannabis falls in the hands of dealers who don’t care about selling to kids, don’t pay taxes and do not care about quality and purity. Prohibition actually makes cannabis more accessible since now vendors are forced to find clients as opposed to clients being able to find vendors easily. The back ally dealing only funnels money into the pockets of organized crime who in turn purchases politicians and corrupts the entire system.

Now the decision…which scenario do you prefer?


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