The Benefits of Recreational Marijuana

The Benefits of Recreational Marijuana

People think that recreational marijuana is just for recreation but fail to acknowledge that recreational cannabis has many more benefits than that. Throughout the following section we’ll be covering some of the more important benefits of recreational marijuana…

Drinking versus Toking

When we compare cannabis to the other “mind altering substance” on the market we find that cannabis isn’t just a safer alternative, it actually creates a safer environment. When you drink you are more susceptible to resorting to violence, make bad judgment calls in terms of driving and are generally “less in control” of your emotions and senses.

When drunk you become a lump of unstable irresponsible and potentially violent reactions. You become a creature who stops thinking about what his or her actions mean or how they affect others.

On cannabis on the other hand people tend to become mellower, they tend to show more empathy to their fellow man and usually perceive speed faster than they are going. In other words if the user were to be driving under the influence the odds are that the user will drive slower than faster. Cannabis does not increase violent episodes and usually sparks “excess thought” or “over contemplation” of situations.

If we would draw a head to head on this point cannabis wins every time.

Recreational cannabis helps reduce stress

With hardly any health side effects(smoked) cannabis will help reduce your stress levels, it will not give you a hangover the next day and will for most not create dependence. This means that you can go out on a Wednesday and smoke a half an ounce only to wake up the next day fresh to go to work. Try having a binge drinking night and working at the same efficiency the next day.

With reduced stress the odds of burnout is greatly reduced. Think of recreational marijuana as a pressure valve to life that you can open at will, release stress, and continue with life.

Legal Recreational Cannabis

With a legal system we’ll make it harder for kids to smoke. People would be able to apply more appropriate laws for under aged smoking and would be able to punish those who supply cannabis to the youth with harsher punishment. Cops would be able to actually play a positive role in this aspect and instead of “punishing” the younger people we could re-educate them similarly to what we have done with alcohol and tobacco.

Recreational use is an adult decision and you should not be treated like a kid because there is “potential” children that could get their hands on it. The sad thing…currently kids are smoking except no one is really doing anything about that. Recreational marijuana on a legal platform would deal with the issue head on.


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