Obama’s Cowardly Non-Stand On Marijuana

Obama’s Cowardly Non-Stand On Marijuana

I wrote the other day that support for the legalization of marijuana is higher than support for Barack Obama with nearly half of all adult Americans in favor of ending the criminal penalties for personal use that further overcrowd our prisons.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Shortly after taking office, the new president — himself a pot smoker as a teenager — asked that Americans tell him what was on their minds. Of the top 10 responses he received, five concerned easing penalties for marijuana use. Which makes the boilerplate response of the National Institutes of Health to renewed calls for legalization so damned depressing.

As it has for decades, the NIH continues to assert that marijuana is bad, bad, bad. But in its latest statement it says that marijuana “is associated” with addiction, respiratory disease and cognitive impairment. Note that it is careful to not say that the evil weed is addictive because its scientists know that it is not, tens of millions of people who grew up in the 1960s know it is not, and it is some of those very people — now governors and legislators — who are calling for legalization.

Don’t expect the administration to have a serious debate about the issue as it has had over health-care reform and the war in Afghanistan, to name two biggies. It will continue to duck an issue where it would have a cede the high ground, and if that ain’t cowardly then I don’t know what is.

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One Responseto “Obama’s Cowardly Non-Stand On Marijuana”

  1. UFeedMe says:

    “Cognitive impairment” can be achieved using any of thousands of substances including many which are absolutely legal (including water).

    Anything smoke you inhale – be it tobacco, cannabis, or even oak leaves can cause “respiratory disease” which is nothing more than a chest cold. Smoke is not good for you, we know that. Hardly a reason to make something that is simply smokeable illegal. With vaporizers and edibles it is a non-issue. Those who choose to smoke are perfectly capable of making the choice for themselves.

    Sure its “associated with addiction” because hardcore drug users turn to a joint to mellow out after they come down. They get these statistics from situations like a heroin overdose victim who happened to have pot in their bloodstream.

    The facts behind these statements need to be brought to light. If we were to apply this logic to most legal products today, everything would be banned.

    In fact tobacco is “associated with addiction” (in fact down right addictive) and causes respiratory disease. Cognitive impairment? Just watch a cigarette smoker who can’t get his hands on a smoke when he needs one.

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