How to Kick Start the Economy with Cannabis

How to Kick Start the Economy with Cannabis

In this day and age the economy doesn’t inspire a lot of trust, at least for most. Some people make a whole lot of money on bad economies and in most cases, those people aren’t us. Banks, Big Corporations and Credit Agencies thrive on poor economies while the general population suffers.

Cannabis can kick start the economy for the “average” Joe more than it can for the above mentioned players. This is probably one of the main reasons why cannabis is illegal. Despite the fact that certain people resist legalization we know that the day cannabis is re-integrated back into society, many things will change.

When we stop spending…

With Repeal of prohibition we will stop to throw our money into a bottomless pit. We’ll stop funding expensive campaigns in other countries to eradicate drugs, we’ll stop spending on weapons, task forces, criminal proceedings, jails and so on. The amount of money that we will save from this could be used to educate, provide healthcare, develop new innovative programs of commerce to help eradicate poverty.

When we stop spending on the unnecessary and focus our resources on empowering those victimized by the very drug war itself, we’ll create new opportunities of growth as opposed to imprisoning the masses.

We’ll start Generating…

In addition to not spending on ridiculous wars we’ll be creating new industry, meaning new taxes from both consumers and producers. This new revenue could also be used on prevention centers, education, roads and much more. We would be able to benefit from an action that is currently illegal yet harmless to society and “addicts” or “users” would turn from criminal into active participants in society. No longer will consumers become a drain on the economy but would actually benefit each and every citizen with every toke they take.

And we’ll change the world…

Can you imagine what would happen when we dramatically cut back on our expenses and create a new revenue stream? Can you imagine when people stop being criminalized for their behavior and rather were given the opportunity to turn their habits into socially beneficial actions in terms of tax revenue.

New industry creates new jobs, these new jobs allows people to purchase goods stimulating the economy as a whole. Legalization doesn’t just benefit those who partake…but each and every one of us on this planet.

The moment that full scale legalization is in effect, the world will undergo drastic changes…for the good. With weed we’ll “weed out” that which does not benefit mankind. We’ll return to the crop that was always meant to serve humanity…and earth will rejoice!


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  1. Thanks. That helps. I’m hoping some of the key HHS/OCR people can weigh in. At a minimum, I know they listen to dialogues like this.

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