Are you being charged for crimes not committed?

Are you being charged for crimes not committed?

There is something wryly peculiar about marijuana laws specifically relating to the part of “Intent to distribute”. What this essentially means is that according to current drug laws if you have more than X amount of drugs on you, automatically you’re a drug dealer.

A Review of Law

I’m no lawyer that’s for sure but there is something incredibly off about the law. If you were to drive with guns in the back of your trunk, Kevlar vests, ski masks, armor piercing bullets but have a permit for it you won’t be arrested for “Intent to Rob a bank” unless you actually commit the crime.

This means that our law system in essence is based on “reactionary clauses” meaning that you need to first commit a crime before you can be convicted of a crime, except when it comes to drugs. When it comes to drugs however, due process means absolutely nothing.

Arrested for Crimes not Committed

When you’re caught with let’s say a Kilo of marijuana in your car you will not be held only for possession but also “intent to distribute”. This means that even though the police has no evidence other than the Kilo, they have no actual drug dealing crime documented, you’d still be tried and given an extra 5-10 years on your sentence for the amount of pot you have.

Let’s say you were going to use that Kilo to make oils, it doesn’t matter…according to the drug law you were going to deal because apparently, according to these idiotic laws, is the nature of man.

There can be no murder conviction without a body but you can be convicted as a “distributor of drugs” without ever distributing a single gram of marijuana to anyone. How is this possible? How can there be a conviction of a crime that never occurred?

Bulk Bud Buying

I’ve been consuming cannabis for the past 16 years of my life and believe me when I say that I’m a bulk buyer. I like to have different types of cannabis on hand and I like to have a lot too. Not an insane amount filling up my kitchen but at least a half a pound to a pound is what I like to have.

The reason I want so much is because I use it for different reasons; butter, oils, smoke etc. People don’t buy grams of flour, butter or salt when they go to the store. They stock up so that it lasts them longer.

Most cannabis users I know are similar with their purchasing habits and have absolutely no intent to distribute. That’s why it’s a really scary thought to think that having bulk bud in your house could get you an additional 5-10 years on a sentence if caught by law enforcement.

When a country that apparently is “free” can lock up its citizens based on “fictional crimes” then you know that the country stopped being “free” a long time ago.


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  1. I do agree with this. A very well written article. At least there are some movements to make it legal this days. And research are being done to prove that we can benefit from it.

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