Washington Marijuana Dispensaries: Latest Obama Victims

Washington Marijuana Dispensaries: Latest Obama Victims

Here we go again. On Tuesday, Washington medical marijuana dispensaries became the latest victims of the Obama administration’s escalating war on cannabis and the will of citizens. Agents of the federal government raided several state-sanctioned dispensaries with no regard for their actual compliance with local law. As usual, the feds claimed that this was all about drug dealers running front operations as an excuse for shutting out patients in need of medicine and ruining a few livelihoods in the process. Just another day at the office.

Seattle US Attorney Jenny Duncan released a statement arguing that it was “complaints from their surrounding communities as well as medical marijuana supporters” that prompted the crackdown and that state laws “were never meant to protect brash criminal conduct that masquerades as medical treatment.” Actual, non-imaginary marijuana supporters in Washington, were rather surprised that “the feds put boots on the ground and started kicking down doors,” as attorney Aaron Pelley puts it.

According to the Cannabis Defense Coalition, some 15 Washington dispensaries spreading across Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup, Lacey and Rochester were raided. Additional raids and arrests were also conducted elsewhere in state. The attack on Seattle dispensaries is particularly troubling as that city has passed a number of ordinances supportive of medical marijuana. In july, the mayor even even signed a law allowing marijuana distribution centers in Seattle and establishing regulatory measures.

Examination of the search warrants used by the DEA shows charges of money laundering, weapons and large-scale distribution. Of course the real issue is that Washington’s medical marijuana law is a hard to follow mess that doesn’t explicitly allow dispensaries while still sanctioning “collective gardens.” Earlier this year, claiming to be worried about federal threats, Governor Christine Gregoire vetoed a bill that would have created a comprehensive regulatory framework for Washington medical marijuana.

US attorney Duncan followed the federal script and declared again that the government “will not prosecute truly ill people or their doctors who determine that marijuana is an appropriate medical treatment.” But it is doubtful anyone still believes this spiel, given how actions against dispensaries hurt access for patients. The war on marijuana is spreading and claiming more victims, it is foolish for marijuana advocates in any state to think that their particular practices and regulations make them safe. Right now the only viable defense is a concentrated legal effort to challenge the government and the continuation of a rapid expansion policy. In the end, the more states join our side, the better the odds.

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  1. sandy says:

    at a time when Calif and Washington state could use hemp and cannabis planted every where to protect them from the on coming pile of toxic waste from japan caused by (the very approved industries that insist these plants be illegal.)tell me this exposure to radiation and piles of petrol plastic and toxins in our oceans will not affect our health in California?

    • sandy says:

      The Feds are removing this natural non toxic plant cannabis cure to cancer and many other causes of sickness so that they can profit those who employee chemo therapy and electric medicine to treat cancer .whom you can also trace back to big energy and pharma,medical industrial complex who get 60,000 a pop for a hand full of very toxic

  2. The federal government has simply conducted a classic smash and grab. Serving warrants “logging evidence”. The DEA and local government knew these places were operating for years. During prohibition our government did the exact same thing. raiding a bunch of spots in the eleventh hour of there war on liquor. Knowing full well that there failed policy was on its way out, breaking in, stealing all money and accumulated goods in the process. Wake up America. I live in Olympia and watched these monsters shut down a resource center created by the hard work of a local patient. Without this place in operation, patients go back to finding medicine from people on the street.

  3. JV says:

    Legalize it already. Why aren’t there as many people in our Government trying to get Meth or Crack off the streets Marijuana is NOT the real issue in America. It’s just the Governments scapegoat.

  4. tom sommers says:

    It’s the economy!!
    Gov’t doesn’t have enough left over
    after paying for vavations, country club memberships!
    Parties-caterred, shows
    gold medical insurance
    We need to raise taxes so these guys will have enough money-to get drunk and stop
    botherring the citizens!!!
    Tommy S

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