Imagining Global Cannabis – The Green Revolution

Imagining Global Cannabis – The Green Revolution

Right now it might be difficult to envision a world where cannabis is openly traded in shops, grown on farms and processed in factories. I’m talking about Cannabis in all forms of course; the global cannabis trade; one of the most lucrative industries on the planet.

We all know that hemp has thousands of uses and Marijuana is one of the most beneficial plants to humanity however we have obvious political aggression against the idea of a truly legalized society.

But what will happen once the barriers between humanity and cannabis are lifted, how will the legal cannabis market look like?

The Medical Field

While the medical marijuana industry is generally against total legalization their fears are unfounded. In fact under a fully legalized industry the medical industry would be able to evolve and create specialized medicine. Not everyone wants to get high and that’s okay, with a legal marijuana system more research can be conducted and specific strains can be grown for specific illnesses.

We could even expect purely medicinal strains that serve the purpose for a specific disease. These designer strains will serve a different purpose and will be grown to highlight certain compounds over other compounds as they all serve a purpose in treating a wide array of illnesses.

The Recreational Field

Apart from the medical field we can expect Pot shops opening up. In addition we will begin to see pot clubs, restaurants, bars and other sensory filled activities happen around marijuana.

The cannabis culture is huge and we can pretty much expect a “legal space” to be given to this massive demographic. In the US alone we’re talking about over 40 million regular smokers who will now instead of supporting the black market will be fueling their tax dollar back into the economy.

Better cannabis, superior quality, better highs and without any paranoia.

Industrial Applications

And then we get to HEMP. This is by far the most beneficial aspect of cannabis as this will slowly begin to replace ancient destructive methods of commerce. Paper, food, plastics, construction material, oil and much more will begin to replace the conventional methods. People will realize that they don’t need to buy oil when they can grow it.

We would be able to stop cutting down trees and would be able to grow a crop that not only helps man but nature in the process.

Companies will rise and companies will fall and cannabis brands will become as known as Microsoft and Nike. Once the flood gates have been opened; it will only take a few years for the roots of a brand new industry to ground itself and to expand rapidly like a wild cannabis plant.


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