A Talk With Famed Marijuana Breeder SubCool of TGA Genetics

A Talk With Famed Marijuana Breeder SubCool of TGA Genetics

Recently I have had the privilege to talk to the man behind TGA Genetics, the infamous Subcool. A man who is known for such strains as Space Queen, Jack the Ripper, Third Dimension, and many more. Not only is he a breeder of some of the finest cannabis strains around, he is also a true people person who cares more about making sure patients have access to elite cannabis strains than he does about making money.


SatansGift: Sub I got to start by asking what first got you into growing and breeding cannabis?

Subcool: I started growing when I picked up a calculator and figured out my yearly Cannabis budget, I knew I would never get ahead in life financially buying weed at retail prices topping 400$ an ounce. Years later I was really disappointed in the quality of the seeds being produced by the large Dutch companies and thought I could do better because I felt I had a much greater love for Cannabis.

SatansGift: After your first venture into breeding, what made you decide to open your own seed company?

Subcool: I was working in Amsterdam with Gypsy Nirvana and on visit to Dutch Passion Seeds I saw a large plastic bucket full of pot seeds, I asked what there purpose was and was told “We sell them to you Americans” After doing some time behind bars for cultivation when I got out all I had to my name was seed stock of Dannyboy and JCBX. I started selling them to feed myself and my family.

SatansGift: What is currently your favorite strain to grow and what is one strain you wish you still had to work with?

Subcool: Great Question; my favorite strain hands down to smoke is Vortex and one of the few strains I created that I keep in rotation with by mother plants. I wish we had not lost the parents of Dannyboy, mainly the Killer Queen Cherry pheno.

SatansGift: I’ve noticed lately you have been playing with the now famous Black Cherry Soda and crossing her with your more infamous strains such as Space Queen and Jack the Ripper. Are we going to be seeing you work with more Indica dominant crosses rather then the Sativas?

Subcool: I think we have the Sativa side of things covered so yes we are working and have been working with several Indicas for a few years now, but I have never rushed to produce something new and when we do release an Indica it will be a proven one.

SatansGift: Are you currently working with any new strains that you intend to be breeding with?

Subcool: TGA is currently running a specific cut of OG Kush and a very special Pink tinged Bubba Kush clone as well as continuing our work with Green Queen a very unique smelling strain we discovered in Oregon.

SatansGift: Now I’ve smoked most of the TGA lineup and I gotta ask do you have anything in the works with Agent Orange, Orange velvet Bx, or Jillybean as they are some of the smoothest smoke available anywhere and are some of the few strains out there that asthmatics can smoke without any bronchial interference?

Subcool: We dropped OV bx due to lack of resin production but Agent Orange and Jillybean are main line strains and I feel there as good as I can create so we have no further plans with these lines. Other breeders seem to really like working with Agent Orange as a breeding line. I strongly recommend anyone with breathing issues convert to eating cannabis and not smoking it :)

SatansGift: While many breeders are using bad breeding practices and are basically just pollen chuckers what do you feel defines you as a breeder?

Subcool: I don’t consider myself a breeder really, I have no formal education and believe my only talent other than hard work is an Eye for Dank. What I do feel I do differently is only release strains that serve a purpose medically and that the growing and medical patient public is blown away by. I deplore mediocrity and find it in about 80% of commercial offered strains in seed form today. Each strain we release has to be not only better than its parents but a one-of-a-kind creation.

SatansGift: With TGA Genetics seeming to take off like wildfire in the past few years, where do you envision TGA going from here?

Subcool: I never set out to create some big company, my loyalty is to the growers and the patients and I plan to keep things that way. Recently though I am working more and more with Cannabis testing labs to create specific THC profiles mainly a 1-1-1 THC- CBD-THCV strain it may be a dream but it is one I am working towards.

SatansGift: I would like to expand on one topic a little more for the readers. What benefits for the patient would a 1-1-1 THC- CBD-THCV profile have? Would there be a noticeable difference for patients if they were to smoke a strain with that profile? Many people aren’t aware of THCV as much as they are of THC and CBD.

TGA genetics: Background info:

“New British and Spanish research on one of cannabis’ cannabinoids shows it has great potential for treating Parkinson’s disease. The cannabinoid is the lesser known but hugely interesting THCV aka Delta-9-tetrehydrocannabivarin. The molecule is present to varying decrees in different strains of cannabis, from trace amounts to a hefty portion.

Unlike your own body’s cannabinoid, Anandamide or its phyto (plant based)-cannabinoid cousin, THC, THCV does not activate CB1 receptors in your endocannabinoid regulatory system. Activation of these CB1 receptors, found mainly on nerve cells, is responsible for most of THC’s psychoactive effects and medical benefits. THC also activates CB2 receptors, found mostly on immune cells and thought responsible for some of cannabis’ beneficial effects on some autoimmune disorders.

Like THC, THCV also binds with and activates these CB2 receptors. Like THC, THCV is a powerful antioxidant, capable of sopping up cell-killing free radicals. Unlike THC, THCV does not activate CB1 receptors. Instead it blocks (serves as an antagonist to) the activation of the CB1 system. It may play a major role in future treatments of cadiometabolic diseases and obesity.”

The International Association of Cannabinoid Medicine reported the research as follows:

Spanish and British researchers investigated the effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) in an animal model of Parkinson’s disease. They concluded that “given its antioxidant properties and its ability to activate CB2 but to block CB1 receptors, Delt-9-THCV has a promising pharmacological profile for delaying disease progression in PD and also for ameliorating Parkinsonian symptoms.”

Subcool: CBD and THCV work on the CB2 receptor. This is a big deal when it comes to medicating with cannabis. THC is a powerful chemical and while we love it, it’s not the best for treating certain symptoms like pain and cancer type wasting. High THC strains can actually cause anxiety and paranoia in patients. Strains that have a 1-1 ratio (THC to CBD) seem to work much better for those in serious pain and for the elderly. Ya can’t have mom tripping her wig off on some 20% Sativa hybrid.

My research has indicated that the 1-1 ratio is pretty much the Holy Grail when it comes to pain management and recent studies have shown great promise in THCV and THCG so the goal is to raise the rare cannabinoids while reducing the total raw THC.

SatansGift: With the success that your book “Dank: the Quest for the Very Best Marijuana: A Breeder’s Tale” has had is there a possibility of another book coming out in the future? As I have seen your book sitting on more than one coffee table of people who aren’t even growers, who just enjoy the absolutely stunning picture journey that your book takes the reader on.

Subcool: Dank 2.0 was just released its an updated version with 6 new strains and lots of new pics. I have completed a grow book called “The LAWS of Cannabis” but it looks like print media is dead so it may become an e-book. I am also busy writing my life story as well.

420petition wishes to thank Subcool for his excellent work creating amazing strains and exploring new cannabinoids for the benefit of countless patients.

By: SatansGift

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    Wonderful site. A lot of helpful info here. I?m sending it to a few friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you in your sweat!

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  3. Irish says:


  4. Irish says:

    TGA only stable strain is Agent Orange…..Period….Subcool sells over 4 million seeds a year & he thinks he has good quality control..lol…he will blame the new grower saying its light leaks he makes new growers go into the grow room at night looking for light leaks when there aren’t any…Subcol is a fake wanna be…I’m a seasoned grower & said to hell with it ill give TGA a whirl even though I had read a lot of stories about hermie plants…I got 3 strains Plush Berry,Ripped Bubba,Chernobyl….all 3 strains showed hermie traits only a few were not out of 15 seeds I was left with four that I was able to mange all the way through flowering for 2 more to pop out a few more bananas late into flower..not good genetics…this Subcool is not a Breeder or writer or care giver…he is a sack of s***….I’m normaly not like this but I don’t want this to happen to any new grower & be put of growing by the likes of Subcool & his weak unstable genetics…& if you don’t believe me email Subcool @ Subcool@gmail.com & say to him you are having some hermie problems…I guarantee he will blame you..that’s if he answers you email…best advice I can give is do your homework check grow reports…& shop around…you never know you might end up with some killer genetics from a real breeder like Bodhi..or MaddFarmer..or even DNA or Reseva Privada…TGA strains are very much like the cheap Dutch strins gone speaks of in this interview…I reckon he took the bucket of seeds he saw with him..it wouldn’t surprise me..peace out for now..The Irish Medi Farmer..

  5. Linda says:

    I have The Flav and Jillybean and they are very excellent in every way…..next I will get Agent Orange. Also the seeds all came up…..

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