The Number One Reason why the Government Fears the Reefer

The Number One Reason why the Government Fears the Reefer

There is a reason why the government fears marijuana’s great return. Some people blame Pharma while others blame Tobacco and Alcohol. While every one of these organizations do play a role in why cannabis remains illegal, the number one “reason” for its illegality is quite simple.

The Number One Reason

While selective economy and social control are two very powerful reasons why cannabis remains illegal the truth of the matter goes far beyond the limits of these two issues. There is something unique that cannabis does to a user.

When consuming cannabis you unlock a door deep within your mind. You begin to question things you have never before even noticed. You realize that not all that the government does is for your benefit. The first lie you begin to see is the official “view” on cannabis and prohibition. Once you begin to question this you begin to draw connections to other parts in your life and other sector’s of government.

After long enough you begin to question the entire “American Dream” and whether your government truly is still “for the people”.

The Number One Fear

The more you question the closer you get to answers. You stop listening to the humming of the political machine and begin to listen to your own intuition. You begin to exercise critical thinking and come to conclusions. As time continues cannabis reveals that you can provide your own energy, your own food, your own medicine and that the Government as it is right now is quite unnecessary.

You realize that the only real purpose of government is to protect your property and your liberty and to protect you from invading armies. When you break down this concept to its rawest form you access the number one fear of those in charge. The biggest fear of those in charge is when those who “follow” realize that the current model was not designed for their best interests and that if they truly wish to achieve independence, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, that they should continue under a different model.

When enough people have come to this conclusion, then we will begin to see a mass movement to self-sustainability.

Marijuana is a Key

Marijuana unlocks many doors in your subconscious and will make you become attend to your voice of intuition. Cannabis will unlock the doors to critical thinking and will guide you to a state of true independence. It is only when you are allowed to think freely that you will become truly free.


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