Marijuana News: Small Town Tuesday

Marijuana News: Small Town Tuesday

Homegrown in Michigan

The Dexter City Council has approved new ordinances for those who grow medical marijuana at home for others. Caregivers, as they are called, are required to attain a permit and pay $100 to cultivate marijuana for five patients. The council members, at this point, claim they do not have an accurate count of how many caregivers are currently operating in the town. According to the ordinances, the marijuana growing houses now have to be 1,000 ft away from a school or library and all marijuana must be secured. Also, “all necessary building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits shall be obtained for any portion of the residential structure in which electrical wiring, lighting and/or watering devices that support the cultivation, growing or harvesting of marijuana are located.” As caregivers apply, they must turn in the schematic of the entire location to ensure that everything is up to date with the Michigan Fire and Building Code. The new law becomes effective July 27th.

Closer in Colorado

In Eagle County, Colorado, the local government has made a decision about medical marijuana dispensaries: administrators decided to decrease the distance that marijuana businesses must keep between themselves and places such as schools and homes. Along with the 300ft decrease, the shops will be called marijuana businesses instead of medical marijuana dispensaries. “We don’t want to become marijuana,” said Jon Stavney, chairman of the board of county commissioners. “We didn’t put a moratorium on it, but we didn’t want them popping up all over, either. So we enacted the tightest boundaries possible while we got a handle on it.” Voters have approved marijuana businesses in the county, but not in towns themselves and as a result most are located in unsanctioned areas of Eagle County.

Too close in Colorado

In Denver, Colorado, a medical marijuana dispensary has posted notices that it will be opening soon. But, some in the community have a problem with it being located 800ft away from a day care center. As a result, the dispensary is in violation of Denver Ordinance 39, which states: “Dispensaries cannot reside within 1,000 feet of a school, day care establishment, or residentially zoned area.” According to daycare owner Ashley Trumbull, “Kids are walking up and down the street all the time. This strip really represents this neighborhood.” Currently the owner and the city are coming to a consensus as to what can be done. If an agreement cannot be reached, the dispensary will not open and move instead to another location.

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